Retrato Imaginario 1. The Man that Missed Much

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The Man that Missed Much was always late for his own arrival. His mother didn’t expected twin brothers. She thought she was all done after delivering her first son. But two days later when all social ceremonies were over, the pain returned and The Man that Missed Much finally arrived to this world.  Always late for school, for love, for theatre, for the train… he got used to miss the most important events of his life. The stories that other people told him about what happened became his main source of experience. Somehow, his existence elapsed through a borrowed memory. Three days before the end of The War his corpse was sent home in a simple and humble coffin. The authorities of his village honored him and his family decided to bury him close to his parents in the lovely graveyard attached to the church in the hill. Fifty years later when War Crimes finally begun to be investigated, authorities decided to open his grave and study his remains. When the court workers managed to open the dusty coffin, they discovered that it was empty. Everybody understood that he was also late for his own death.

Palabras clave: presencia, ausencia, memoria ajena


Jaime Conde-Salazar

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